Teko Quick Dry Light Low Running/Hiking Socks

Teko Quick Dry Light Low Running/Hiking Socks
  • Luxurious ultrafine fibers dry & evaporate moisture quickly
  • EVAPOR8 fiber regulates your temperature
  • Anatomical fit – smooth, seamless & snug
  • Lifetime TEKO℠ Guarantee
  • Performs best in warm, hot & humid conditions

EVAPOR8 ULTRALIGHT This yarn is produced from industrial fishing nets collected from three regions in Europe: the North Sea (Netherlands and Belgium), the Adriatic Sea (Italy, Slovenia and Croatia) and the Mediterranean Sea (Spain). The fishing nets are recycled, reprocessed and knitted in Italy. The new teko ‘WRAP SYSTEMTM’ is designed to hold the sock onto the foot in the most efficient way possible. Instead of having a ‘WRAP’ just around the arch of the foot, it is now applied to the arch and ankle up to the Achilles Tendon. This makes the sock fit much better and stops any slippage or rubbing ensuring a blister-free fit.

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