Men Summer Cargo Bermudas Island ID1459

Men Summer Cargo Bermudas Island ID1459
  • Product sizes normal
  • Pure cotton for best comfort
  • side pockets, lockable cargo and back pockets
  • Drawstring at the leg
  • concealed zip

The Men’s Cargo Bermuda Iskand impresses with a lightweight material, 100% pure cotton. Not only that with your strong colors look the shorts great, it is through the lockable cargo pockets also extremely practical. As all-round talent, they can be combined with many outfits, if it may be something classic can combine the pants super to shirt and deck shoes, but also like casual and loose with sneakers and T-shirts. This Shorts are you doing in the summer guarantees nothing wrong.

Hinweis: Größe fällt normal aus. Alle Angaben in [cm].

Größe W30: Bundweite 40, Außenmaß 74, Innenmaß 48, Saum 22
Größe W31: Bundweite 41, Außenmaß 75, Innenmaß 48, Saum 22
Größe W32: Bundweite 42, Außenmaß 76, Innenmaß 48, Saum 22
Größe W33: Bundweite 43, Außenmaß 77, Innenmaß 49, Saum 23
Größe W34: Bundweite 44, Außenmaß 77, Innenmaß 50, Saum 23
Größe W36: Bundweite 45,5, Außenmaß 78, Innenmaß 50,5, Saum 24
Größe W38: Bundweite 47, Außenmaß 79, Innenmaß 51, Saum 25

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Hakjay Mens Cargo Shorts army shorts

Hakjay Mens Cargo Shorts army shorts
  • Fabric: cotton, no stretch(Without belt)
  • Match men’s cargo shorts , designed with breathable cotton,Closed: metal zipper, not easy to damage. (Feel difficult to close can be gently polished with soap)
  • Weight: shorts weigh about 0.4KG (0.881 (lb)),If you want to get more shorts (fight pants, camouflage pants, you can go to click on Hakjay)
  • Size: It is recommended to buy large size clothing, you can use the waist belt restraint.
  • Pocket: 6 pockets, pocket with buttons closed, easy to put and put out items (cell phone, wallet, key)

Cargo Shorts are the essential for all fashion man.

Size 29: Waist 29″/ 73 CM; Hip 38″/ 97 CM; Outseam 21″/57 CM

Size 30: Waist 30″/ 76 CM; Hip 39″/100 CM; Outseam 21″/58 CM

Size 31: Waist 31″/ 78 CM; Hip 40″/102 CM; Outseam 22″/59 CM

Size 32: Waist 33″/ 83 CM; Hip 41″/105 CM; Outseam 22″/60 CM

Size 34: Waist 35″/ 90 CM; Hip 43″/109 CM; Outseam 24″/60 CM

Size 36: Waist 37″/ 93 CM; Hip 44″/113 CM; Outseam 24″/60 CM

Size 38: Waist 38″/ 96 CM; Hip 45″/115 CM; Outseam 25″/61 CM

Size 40: Waist 39″/ 99 CM; Hip 46″/117 CM; Outseam 25″/62 CM

Deviation range:0.5-1″

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Menschwear Men’s Multi Pockets Cargo Trousers Military Style with belt

Menschwear Men's Multi Pockets Cargo Trousers Military Style with belt
  • Free Canvas Belts,Colors is random£¬
  • 100% Cotton Woven Twill Fabric,Water Washed,Anti-shrinkage finishing,Soft workwear cargo style long trousers
  • Menschwear Clothes,is the only one who is authorized to SELL Menschwear.All other sellers is illegal.
  • Heavyweight Fabric for outdoor,Anti-shrinkage
  • multi-pocket design.fine workmanship.

Men’s Workwear,causal trousers,cargo style long pants
the waist of the Trousers should be a bit longer than the body waist, about 1 inch,2-3cm.
Size Chart(Unit:inch)
(28)Waist:28″/71 Hips:37.8″/96 Outseam:40.9″/104 Front rise:9.6″/24.5 Inseam:31.3″/79.5 Thigh:21.7″/55 Bottom:15.0″/38cm
(29)Waist:29″/74 Hips:38.6″/98 Outseam:41.3″/105 Front rise:9.6″/24.5 Inseam:31.7″/80.5 Thigh:22.0″/56 Bottom:15.4″/39cm
(30)Waist:30″/76 Hips:39.4″/100 Outseam:41.7″/106 Front rise:9.8″/25 Inseam:31.9″/81 Thigh:22.4″/57 Bottom:15.7″/40cm
(31)Waist:31″/79 Hips:40.9″/104 Outseam:42.1″/107 Front rise:9.8″/25 Inseam:32.3″/82 Thigh:22.8″/58 Bottom:16.1″/41cm
(32)Waist:32″/81 Hips:41.7″/106 Outseam:42.5″/108 Front rise:9.8″/25 Inseam:32.7″/83 Thigh:23.2″/59 Bottom:16.1″/41cm
(33)Waist:33’/84 Hips:42.5″/108 Outseam:42.9″/109 Front rise:10.2″/26 Inseam:32.7″/83 Thigh:23.6″/60 Bottom:16.5″/42cm
(34)Waist:34″/86 Hips:45.3″/115 Outseam:43.3″/110 Front rise:10.2″/26 Inseam:33.1″/84 Thigh:24.0″/61 Bottom:16.9″/43cm
(36)Waist:36″/91 Hips:46.1″/117 Outseam:43.7″/111 Front rise:10.4″/26.5 Inseam:33.3″/84.5 Thigh:24.8″/63 Bottom:17.3″/44cm
(38)Waist:38″/96 Hips:47.6″/121 Outseam:44.1″/112 Front rise:10.6″/27 Inseam:33.5″/85 Thigh:25.6″/65 Bottom:17.7″/45cm
(40)Waist:40″/102 Hips:49.6″/126 Outseam:44.1″/112 Front rise:11.0″/28 Inseam:33.1″/84 Thigh:26.4″/67 Bottom:18.1″/46cm
(42)Waist:42″/107 Hips:52.0″/132 Outseam:44.1″/112 Front rise:11.4″/29 Inseam:32.7″/83 Thigh:26.8″/68 Bottom:18.5″/47cm
(44)Waist:44″/112 Hips:52.0″/132 Outseam:44.1″/112 Front rise:11.8″/30 Inseam:32.3″/82 Thigh:26.8″/68 Bottom:18.5″/47cm
(46)Waist:46″/117 Hips:52.8″/134 Outseam:44.1″/112 Front rise:12.2″/31 Inseam:31.9″/81 Thigh:27.2″/69 Bottom:18.9″/48cm
Deviation range:0.5-1″

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