Sub Zero Factor 1 Plus Bloo John Leggings

Sub Zero Factor 1 Plus Bloo John Leggings
  • Made in England
  • Flat ankle seams to reduce boot pressure
  • Low profile elasticised waist
  • High rise back for kidney protection
  • Stretch rib zones for support, waffle zones for enhanced heat retention and wicking

Sub Zero Factor 1 Plus Unisex Leggings Seamless Base Layers (without fly) are manufactured from super soft 100% polyamide fabric produced on a seamless circular knitting machine. Utilising body mapping technology allows us to construct innovative bottoms with added features such as stretch rib zones for support and waffle zones for enhanced heat retention and greater perspiration control. The base layer legs are seam free on the outer edge, requiring just one flat seam to seal the inner legs and gusset, whilst the ends of the base layer legs are finished with flat ankle seams that help to reduce pressure exerted from walking shoes and ski boots. The finished height of the waist is generous to help prevent lower back exposure during activities, and the low profile waist band itself is constructed from polayamide and elastane to give a lot of stretch and support without cutting in to your waistline. Sub Zero Factor 1 Plus unisex leggings seamless base layers are compatible with most sports where you need to keep warm and dry. They cross over in to anything from, skiing, through to hiking and camping, and can be used in combination with the Sub Zero Factor 2 thermal mid layers range for extra warmth in extreme conditions.

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