Soft And Fluffy Toe Alignment Socks – Medium

Soft And Fluffy Toe Alignment Socks - Medium
  • White Toe alignment socks gently stretch & separate the toes to relieve stress and help to straighten and align
  • Improves posture & stress on hips, back & knees
  • Soft & comfortable – fit like a glove! One universal size
  • Wear them at night & awake with painless feet!
  • Notice the difference in just 1 week! **Plus Free Ebook on Foot Pain Management**

Instant relief for painful feet and misaligned toes Our soft and fluffy Toe Alignment Socks keep your feet warm and cosy whilst also helping to align crowded and overlapping toes. Painful feet can become unbearable especially if you suffer from common foot complaints such as hammer toes and bunions. After a long day, slip off your shoes and slip your feet into something a little more comfortable and experience instant and long-lasting relief for misaligned toes and other foot problems. Also perfect for relieving aching, stressed and painful feet. Fits shoe sizes 3-8.Machine washable.

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