Ronhill Pro Running Gloves

Ronhill Pro Running Gloves
  • Moisture Management – These gloves are designed to wick sweat away from your hands ensuring a perspiration free run.
  • Palm Grip – These gloves utilise palm grips making it safe to carry your portable device.
  • Regulite Fabric – Thermalite technology helps the material to adjust to your body temperature and regulate accordingly.
  • Reflective Detail – Contains reflective materials designed to enhance visibility during low-light hours.
  • Soft, Lightweight Brushed Back Fabric

The Ronhill Pro Running Glove features a specially designed soft, lightweight brush back fabric which delivers warmth and thermal properties without sacrificing breathability. These gloves contain Thermalite technology to reduce high or low temperatures around the hands while you are running. A lightweight glove, packed with technology make these Ronhill’s a great addition to your running attire.

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