Menschwear Men’s Fleece Lined Workwear Cargo Trousers Winter Heavyweight with Belt 28-40″

Menschwear Men's Fleece Lined Workwear Cargo Trousers Winter Heavyweight with Belt 28-40
  • Free Canvas Belts,Colors is random£¬
  • 100% Cotton Woven Twill Fabric,Water Washed,Anti-shrinkage finishing,Soft workwear cargo style long trousers
  • Menschwear Clothes,is the only one who is authorized to SELL Menschwear.All other sellers is illegal.
  • Fleece lined warm keep trousers,warm you in the cold winter season.
  • multi-pocket design.fine workmanship.

Men’s Workwear,causal trousers,cargo style long pants
the waist of the Trousers should be a bit longer than the body waist, about 2 inch,5cm.
Size Chart(Unit:inch/cm)
(28)Waist:28″/71 Hips:37.8″/96 Outseam:40.9″/104 Front rise:9.6″/24.5 Inseam:31.3″/79.5 Thigh:21.7″/55 Bottom:15.0″/38cm
(29)Waist:29″/74 Hips:38.6″/98 Outseam:41.3″/105 Front rise:9.6″/24.5 Inseam:31.7″/80.5 Thigh:22.0″/56 Bottom:15.4″/39cm
(30)Waist:30″/76 Hips:39.4″/100 Outseam:41.7″/106 Front rise:9.8″/25 Inseam:31.9″/81 Thigh:22.4″/57 Bottom:15.7″/40cm
(31)Waist:31″/79 Hips:40.9″/104 Outseam:42.1″/107 Front rise:9.8″/25 Inseam:32.3″/82 Thigh:22.8″/58 Bottom:16.1″/41cm
(32)Waist:32″/81 Hips:41.7″/106 Outseam:42.5″/108 Front rise:9.8″/25 Inseam:32.7″/83 Thigh:23.2″/59 Bottom:16.1″/41cm
(33)Waist:33’/84 Hips:42.5″/108 Outseam:42.9″/109 Front rise:10.2″/26 Inseam:32.7″/83 Thigh:23.6″/60 Bottom:16.5″/42cm
(34)Waist:34″/86 Hips:45.3″/115 Outseam:43.3″/110 Front rise:10.2″/26 Inseam:33.1″/84 Thigh:24.0″/61 Bottom:16.9″/43cm
(36)Waist:36″/91 Hips:46.1″/117 Outseam:43.7″/111 Front rise:10.4″/26.5 Inseam:33.3″/84.5 Thigh:24.8″/63 Bottom:17.3″/44cm
(38)Waist:38″/96 Hips:47.6″/121 Outseam:44.1″/112 Front rise:10.6″/27 Inseam:33.5″/85 Thigh:25.6″/65 Bottom:17.7″/45cm
(40)Waist:40″/102 Hips:49.6″/126 Outseam:44.1″/112 Front rise:11.0″/28 Inseam:33.1″/84 Thigh:26.4″/67 Bottom:18.1″/46cm
(42)Waist:42″/107 Hips:52.0″/132 Outseam:44.1″/112 Front rise:11.4″/29 Inseam:32.7″/83 Thigh:26.8″/68 Bottom:18.5″/47cm
(44)Waist:44″/112 Hips:52.0″/132 Outseam:44.1″/112 Front rise:11.8″/30 Inseam:32.3″/82 Thigh:26.8″/68 Bottom:18.5″/47cm
(46)Waist:46″/117 Hips:52.8″/134 Outseam:44.1″/112 Front rise:12.2″/31 Inseam:31.9″/81 Thigh:27.2″/69 Bottom:18.9″/48cm
Deviation range:0.5-1″

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