Falke SK 2 Mens Ski Socks

Falke SK 2 Mens Ski Socks
  • 1 Pair Pack
  • Special protection zones
  • Built-in air channels help feet and legs breathe
  • Machine washable at 30°

Although necessary, tight and unforgiving ski boots can often get uncomfortable, interfering with your enjoyment and even your form. Falke Medium Volume Wool Ski Socks take you to higher levels of comfort and even performance, improving contact with the boots and delivering the best power transmission. Ergonomically designed for the best possible fit, thicker, anatomically placed pads protect the toes, shin and calf, achilles tendon, ankle and heel, absorbing shock and reducing pressure, while anti wrinkle ankles and a finer weave at other areas allows full movement, with air channels to enhance breathability. The specific left/right fit of the socks puts cushioning and air channels exactly where you will most benefit from them. A blend of natural wool and synthetic yarn is used to optimise warmth and comfort, quickly wicking away sweat.(01/13)

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