Cuff-Daddy Pac Man Cufflinks Cuff Links

Cuff-Daddy Pac Man Cufflinks Cuff Links
  • Pac Man Cufflinks Cuff Links
  • Arrives in hard-sided, presentation box suitable for gifting.
  • Covered by Cuff-Daddy’s manufacturer product warranty.

Oh, yeah, the 80Æs! Big hair, parachute pants, high top tennis shoes, andàPac-Man! That cute little round yellow guy that floats around (he has no feet) in a blue maze, chomping up everything in sight. Well, he chomps up Pac-Dots, otherwise known as pellets. And Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde should watch out, because heÆll slurp them down too! Yeah, nothing weird about this at allàBut look at these cute Pac-Man cufflinks! Made of highly polished silver, they are attractive and durable. With the warranty, these cufflinks are a great purchase for anyone feeling nostalgic for the icons of the 80Æs, of which Pac-Man is likely to be the most recognizable. So go a little retro and wear Pac-Man on one sleeve and the goofy enemy on the other. TheyÆll attract tons of attention and admiration, as well as a lot of reminiscing!

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