Authentic ZORI Brand Japanese Tabi Socks (Black)

Authentic ZORI Brand Japanese Tabi Socks (Black)
  • The Ultimate Split Toe Design – now allowing more room for movement and breath-ability without restricting the foots movement as well as the toes therefore leading to better balance and possibly better speed
  • High Quality Materials Used – Only the highest quality materials have been picked and used in order to provide the socks with supreme and long lasting durability as well as being extremely comfortable and highly easy to use for the user
  • Machine Washable – Our tabi socks can be worn over and over again without having to worry about them shrinking, simply toss them in with your other clothes and wear again when dry!
  • One size fits all – There is no limitation to our socks, almost anyone can wear them whenever with whatever!
  • Perfect for sandals such as flip flops – These socks can be worn regularly without having to worry about the limitations that other socks may have with sandals, due to the split toe design users can now feel perfectly comfortable in socks and maintain their balance

The revolutionary designed Senshi split toe designed tabi socks, these socks have a great design which allows for versatility in many different styled foot wear. The socks are made from a high quality breathable stretchy material and are machine washable. One size fits all, perfect for flip flops and tabi footwear.

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